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Vengerberg Glamarye was featured on CDProjekt Red's "Highlights From the Path: Handmade"

Charlotte, the creator of Vengerberg Glamarye, has appeared on three episodes of Breakfast in Beauclair, a global podcast that discusses all things Witcher . To listen to them, click below!

Breakfast in Beauclair
Breakfast in Beauclair
Breakfast in Beauclair

Vengerberg Glamarye was featured on The Official Witcher facebook page!

About Charlotte

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Charlotte is a die-hard fan of the Witcher novels and The Witcher 3. She began her little shop in 2016 after creating her first lore-accurate perfume from the series: Yennefer's Lilac & Gooseberry Glamarye Cream. Her goal is to create perfumes that are as close to the author's original descriptions as possible; high-quality, reasonably-priced fragrances that readers, gamers, fans and cosplayers can enjoy.

She was trained in perfumery during her position as Oil Production Manager at a local witch-shop. Since then she has been experimenting constantly with The Witcher as her inspiration.

She currently lives in the Appalachian Mountains with her two cats, and works two other jobs to support herself. She produces all the items in her small online shop by hand with the help of her web-designer Christian. Thanks for stopping by the shop!

Vengerberg Glamarye's perfumed creams are highly scented premium grade lotion that contain fragrance, essential oils and mica powder. For a full ingredient list or if you have allergy concerns, please contact me at Always apply a small amount to a test patch of skin to check for allergic reaction before use. Vengerberg Glamarye is a Witcher Inspired Fan-Made Item and does not claim to be Official Merchandise.